Cherokee Center for Family Services

Area of Focus: Cultural Preservation
Project Title: Cherokee Center for Family Services
Grant Type: Project Specific
Grantee: Cherokee Boys Club/Cherokee Center for Family Services
Grant ID: LGPSFA02
Grant Amount: $56,926
Timeline: One Year
Grant Year: Fall 2002

Project purpose: To develop and strengthen the unification process for at-risk youth and their families at the White Path Center (WPC)

Background: The White Path Center (WPC) a.k.a Cherokee Children’s Home, is a division of the Cherokee Center for Family Services (CCFS) which provides temporary placement of children and youth when their homes are not an option.  This facility has provided residential services to the EBCI for the past three decades.

Proposal: CCFS proposes to implement the “Reclaiming Cherokee Values & Traditions” (RCVT) project, which works with the EBCI Juvenile Shelter youth. The focus of the program is to reconnect/restore the values of Cherokee heritage  to troubled youth and their families. Opportunities will be created to assist youth in recovering their cultural identity in the community. There is a need to add a “cultural specialist” to the WPC staff.  The “cultural specialist” will develop, implement, monitor, organize and evaluate the RCVT project for the at-risk juvenile population of the EBCI.

The proposed project has received considerable support from a community task force which consisted of representatives from area schools, community members, elders, youth, churches and human service organizations.  The benefits derived from this project include bringing families together, demonstrating alternative approaches to working with at-risk youth and their families, and re-claiming of participants’ Cherokee identity.


CPFdn Request           $48,038 (Personnel, supplies, services)
Secured/In-Kind         8,888
Total                              $56,926



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