Annette Clapsaddle Says Goodbye to Cherokee Preservation Foundation

It is with both sadness and joy that I announce my departure from the Cherokee Preservation Foundation. Last month, I announced my intention to return to the teaching profession and will be leaving CPF in July. I am eager to be in the classroom again and focus even more on my personal writing.  However, I also feel extremely blessed to have represented the Cherokee Preservation Foundation over the past two and one-half years and served our incredible communities of the Qualla Boundary and Western North Carolina.

I will truly miss this work.Annette Clapsaddle

I am honored to have been involved with CPF’s leadership initiatives, energy efficiency efforts, revitalization of traditional artisan resources, economic diversification, workforce development, language revitalization, capacity building for nonprofits and support of our Cherokee cultural entities, just to name a few of CPF’s efforts. There are many exciting opportunities on the horizon for CPF, including a Foundation Fair in the fall to link nonprofits and other organizations with potential funders from across and North Carolina and the U.S., the completion and sharing of CPF’s 2016-2020 Strategic Plan, the activation of CPF leadership program alumni as change-makers for our community and the results of EBCI-WNC partnerships focused on environmentally and culturally significant sites and resources.

I look forward to reading future newsletters highlighting this and other great work.

In addition to my gratitude for the tremendous staff and Board of Directors representing CPF, I am also grateful to the many partners and partner organizations that I have shared with, learned from, and come to rely on as allies in our work. There are far too many to name, but please know that I wish you all the best as you make this tribe, region, state, nation, and world a better place to live.

The personnel committee is expediting the search process and will keep you abreast as they move forward in finding the future executive director.


Annette Clapsaddle

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