Coulter Regional Leadership Program

The Myron Coulter Regional Leadership Program seeks to provide opportunities for participants to work collaboratively on regional challenges. Utilizing a holistic approach, the Coulter Leadership Program views the connectivity of the region as strength, versus the common mindset of competition. Participants are encouraged to work for the greater good by implementing regional projects, laying the foundation and creating a sustainable future for western North Carolina.

Defining Leadership for the Community

Two important questions were asked by the Cherokee Preservation Foundation as it began work to establish leadership learning programs: What is Leadership? and Leadership for what? For the Coulter Program, the answers to these questions are found in the culture and traditions of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI) and in the communities that make up the western North Carolina (WNC) region. Promise 
Groups of EBCI members and people from WNC counties will together identify and pursue ways to tackle social and economic challenges in the region. In the region, one answer to the question “Leadership for What?” is this: Leadership to anticipate emerging challenges and work collaboratively to best address the challenges.

Guiding Principles for the Coulter Program

• Is values-based

• Focuses on experiential learning over rote classroom teaching

• Teaches selfless leadership

• Supports collaboration

• Emphasizes a regional orientation and friendship building within the region

• Is inclusive and accessible

• Provides for both self-directed learning and mentoring and coaching

• Inspires creativity, integrity, respect and trust

• Uses coaching, training, peer mentoring, planning and projects

The Coulter Program will help people in the seven-county WNC region collaborate across county lines to pursue opportunities and address challenges in the region.

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