How to Apply for a New Grant

The Steps to Apply

  • Read the Grant Guidelines and Foundation Goals and Strategies carefully.
  • Read the Application Form and answer the questions in the order listed.  Use the Helpful Tips and Examples in the Application document to assist you with the questions.
  • A Grant Application Checklist is provided in the Application to help ensure you complete and include all required documents.
  • Submit one signed original copy and five (5) copies of the Application Form and required attachments.  Applications may be delivered to the Foundation office (71 John Crowe Hill Road, Cherokee) or mailed to: Cherokee Preservation Foundation, P.O. Box 504, Cherokee, NC  29719.  Do not fax or e-mail the application.  Applications must be postmarked by the deadline date or delivered to the Foundation by 5 p.m. on the deadline date.
  • Please type your application.  Please use plain paper and do not bind/staple or place the proposal in any type of cover.  Please do not include guidance or instructional material from the foundation other than the Grant Application Checklist with your application.  Do not attach videos, publications or organization brochures.
  • CPFdn will send an acknowledgement that we have received your proposal.
  • Grant decisions are announced approximately four months after submission.


Cherokee Preservation Foundation is using a new grant application, beginning with the Spring 2012 grant cycle.  The new application streamlines the application process to save grant applicants time, and it also helps both the Foundation and applicants define and track results and ensure success is being achieved.

With the new approach, Cherokee Preservation Foundation is joining with other western North Carolina grantmakers to use a common grant application and make the grantseeking process simpler and more efficient for nonprofits submitting applications to more than one regional funder.

The grant application includes the following components, all of which are MUST reading so that you complete the Grant Application and Grant Work Plan correctly:

  • Grant Guidelines
  • Grant Application Checklist
  • The Foundation’s Goals and Strategies
  • Grant Application Form
  • Grant Work Plan
  • Final Grant Report
  • Example of a Grant Work Plan with outcomes, milestones and measurements
  • Helpful Tips and Examples

Click on (Grant Application Form Download) to download the application.  Then unzip it to your hard drive, fill in fields using the Word program on your computer, and print the completed form.  If you prefer to print the blank application and fill it out by hand, that is also acceptable.  The Foundation requires that hard copies of applications be submitted.