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Skill Builder Courses & Descriptions

Project Planning

Understand the big picture, from developing a concept to planning the details and realizing results.

Financial Management

You have a special responsibility to handle financial resources according to high legal and ethical standards. Learn the basics of accountability.

Project Management

Once the project concept is decided and the funding is in place, how do you adapt to changes, and keep within a timeline and budget? When is a project complete?

Project Fundraising

Learn how to effectively seek funding from individuals, community sources, and granting entities. (Online resources for this course are available at

Project Communications

Understand the essential elements of a communications plan, including your key message, audience, and outreach tools and strategies.

Project Leadership and Relationships

Gain skills that will maximize the way relationships and leaders work so your projects will be more successful.

Grants Part I: Preparing Your Grant Proposal

This course provides step-by-step guidance in how to effectively complete the grant request process. This session will take the mystery out of what you need to do to submit a clear and compelling proposal.

Grants Part II: Defining and Tracking Project Results

What difference does your project or program make? It is critical for you to be able to define what you expect to achieve from your project. This training will teach you how to define and track measurable outcomes.

Social Media for Organizations

Come to this fast-paced, informative session to plan for future success with social media and leave with a list of next steps to help your organization navigate the brave new world of social media!  How you wondered how to make the most of this new and ever-changing marketing tool?  Come and get the answers.  This interactive workshop will cover:

  • What are the basic foundations of a social media marketing plan?  Where does an organization start and how can it develop its plan over time?
  • What are the biggest mistakes organizations are making with social media?
  • How do you choose the right social media tools for your organization?
  • What tools are available for organizations that need to make social media management more efficient?
  • How does social media work improve the impact of your website and the exposure of your organization?

 Designing Your Work Day

This course will teach basic time and stress management skills that will help you lead a more effective and happy work life.