Other Programs

Other Programs

Time Dollar USA

Time Dollar USA seeks to build local economies and communities that reward decency, caring, and a passion for justice by developing, testing, and assisting experiments with a new medium of exchange called Time Dollars (also known as service credits or time banking.) One hour helping others equals one Time Dollar.
(202) 686-5200

City Year

An Action Tank for national service, City Year seeks to demonstrate, improve and promote the concept of national service as a means for building a stronger democracy. An ‘action tank’ is both a program and a ‘think tank’ – constantly combining theory and practice to advance new policy ideas, make programmatic breakthroughs, and bring about major changes in society.
(617) 927-2500

Development Training Institute

The Development Training Institute offers comprehensive services to individuals and organizations working in community development.
(410) 338-2512

Ashoka Fellows

The United States has pressing social problems that present an extraordinary opportunity for social entrepreneurs to find and execute innovative solutions in education, the environment, economic development, civic participation, and other areas of human concern. Unfortunately, many of these extraordinary innovators lack the critical financial, professional, and moral support that is readily available to their business entrepreneur counterparts. And few of them have the opportunity to collaborate with—and learn from—their equally talented peers across the country and in other countries. Addressing these gaps is the core job of Ashoka’s U.S.A. program.
(703) 527-8300

Coro Program

Coro program participants learn about the real world in the real world —
by actively questioning, interacting with diverse constituents, finding resources and coming up with innovative solutions to the problems faced by their communities.
(816) 931-0751