Economic Diversification Initiatives


To encourage a healthy, diverse economy on the Qualla Boundary and in westernmost North Carolina that is based on a strong technology infrastructure, a future-ready work force, entrepreneurial small businesses, and authentic and exciting cultural tourism attractions.

Business Research and Investment

  • Support research about business and service needs in Cherokee.
  • Encourage projects that help the local business community address needs for new businesses and services to diversify the economy.
  • Support efforts that make the Qualla Boundary more business-friendly.

Technology and Skill Development

  • Support widespread use of high-speed Internet and training for digital literacy and other work skills necessary for a future-ready workforce.

Comprehensive Community Planning

  • Work closely with EBCI Tribal departments and local nonprofit organizations to create a comprehensive approach to building a more diverse economy.
  • Encourage grantseekers to work with EBCI Tribal departments to discuss potential impacts of the projects they wish to undertake.
  • Provide support for culturally authentic projects that would enhance the downtown and cultural district areas.

Cultural Tourism

  • Advance the sustainability of cultural attractions that are critical to sharing Cherokee culture through the development of a comprehensive marketing strategy, high-quality visitor experience and strong business practices.
  • Ensure visitation and other marketing data is gathered and analyzed to inform investment on the Qualla Boundary.

Expansion of Entrepreneurship

  • Continue support to encourage successful entrepreneurship on the Qualla Boundary and in western North Carolina that will lead to a more vibrant and diverse economy.
  • Continue to work with local schools and institutions of higher learning in the region to expand and strengthen promising entrepreneurial and best business practice programs.

Financial Literacy

  • Continue to support local organizations providing financial education and outreach, and help make financial literacy education an integral element of how the EBCI prepares its next generation for responsibility and success.