The following is a brief summary of the action plans developed:

Create Implementation Plan for Compacting the BIA Realty Function

  • Home Organization:  EBCI Commerce Department
  • Goal: create an implementation plan for compacting the BIA Realty function.
  • Activities:
    • Assess current Tribal Land Records documents management by BIA
    • Analyze Realty Services workflow and procedures
    • Recommend modifications to Land Records Management database
    • Estimate the initial startup implementation cost and long-term operating cost
  • Resources Required:  $50,000.  Funding sources to be determined.
  • Timeline for Implementation:  Spring 2015 – Fall 2016

Develop Draft Statutes for Individual Possessory Holding Legal Framework

  • Home Organization:  EBCI Office of the Attorney General
  • Goal:  Fund the legal work required to conduct research on how/whether other tribes have changed statutes regarding individual possessory interests, and to develop draft statutes and regulations that would simplifying the process for leases and sales of individual possessory interests
  • Activities
    • Engage outside expert counsel
    • Survey relevant tribal experience and review existing EBCI statutes, regulations and case law
    • Develop initial draft of new proposed statutes and review with Executive and Tribal Council leadership
    • Conduct in-depth community engagement and public comment
    • Prepare final draft of new proposed statutes for submission to Council
  • Resources Required:  approximately $40,000 for research, legal drafting and community engagement.
  • Funding: sources to be determined.
  • Timeline for Implementation:  Spring 2015 – Fall 2016